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When You Need To Get Oil Change Services:

  • Mileage Interval: Most manufacturers recommend an oil change every 3,000 to 5,000 miles, but this can vary depending on the vehicle and oil type.
  • Oil Change Indicator Light: Many modern cars have an oil change light that illuminates when it’s time.
  • Dark or Dirty Oil: Checking the oil dipstick shows oil that’s black and gritty rather than amber in color.
  • Loud Engine Noises: Oil lubricates parts to prevent loud operational noises. If it’s too old, the engine may sound louder than usual.
  • Oil Smell Inside the Car: A strong oil odor might mean there’s a leak or that the vehicle is in need of maintenance.
  • Exhaust Smoke: While some condensation from the car’s tailpipe is normal, visible smoke could indicate an oil leak.
  • Oil Level Drops: If checking the dipstick shows the oil level frequently dropping, it could indicate a leak or engine problem.
  • Excessive Mileage: If you’ve been driving more than usual, especially long-distance travel, it might be time for an oil change sooner.
  • Rough Idle or Performance: If the vehicle doesn’t run smoothly or struggles to maintain speed, old oil might be a factor.
  • Time: Even if you haven’t driven the recommended miles, changing the oil at least twice a year can help ensure its quality if the car is not used often.

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