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At Adair & Sons, we understand the essence of a smooth ride. It begins with the right set of tires. Located at the heart of Round Rock, TX.

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When Should You Should Get Your Tires Replaced:

  • Tread Depth: If the tread depth is 2/32 of an inch or less, it’s time to replace.
  • Tread Wear Indicator Bars: Modern tires have built-in “bars” that become visible as tires wear down.
  • Cracks or Cuts: Visible cracks, cuts, or grooves in the sidewall that expose the tire’s internal structure.
  • Bulges or Blisters: Raised or bubbled areas on the tire’s surface indicate weaknesses.
  • Vibration: Excessive vibration while driving can suggest internal tire damage.
  • Age: Generally, tires should be replaced every 6 years, even if they look fine.
  • Punctures: Some can be repaired, but larger punctures or those on the sidewall require replacement.
  • Uneven Wear: If one section of your tire wears faster than another, despite regular rotations.
  • Tire Pressure Loss: Consistent and unusual drops in tire pressure can mean there’s a problem.
  • Handling Issues: If your car doesn’t handle or grip the road as well as it used to.

Why Choose Adair & Sons for Your Tire Needs?

  • Expertise: Our seasoned professionals know the unique requirements of each brand, ensuring your car gets the perfect match.
  • Quality: We stock only top-notch tires that enhance your driving experience.
  • Customer Service: Your satisfaction is our priority. We work swiftly and efficiently, getting you back on the road in no time.

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