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Ford Powerstroke Diesel Engine Repair in Round Rock, TX

The Ford Powerstroke has shown us the true capability a diesel engine can accomplish. Not only do they employ the kind of power other engines just can’t measure up to, but they’ve also proven to become extremely fuel efficient, saving their drivers money and saving the planet from pollution.

At Adair & Sons, we’ve mastered diesel engine repair because we have a deep respect for the technology they feature and the resulting benefits of these highly sophisticated engines. Round Rock Residents can always rely on our local auto shop to service diesel engines with precision and honest pricing.

The Ford Powerstroke Legacy

The Ford Powerstroke diesel engine made its debut in 1994, solidifying itself as the starting racer in the diesel revolution. It showcased how diesel engines provide superior performance to heavy-duty trucks and vans that people need for utilitarian reasons.

The highlight of this evolution is the introduction of the 7.3L version that provided a new standard for reliability and massive power for Ford’s groundbreaking line of diesel trucks.

Ford Powerstroke: An Engineering Triumph Under the Hood

Ford’s latest diesel engine is the 6.7L PowerStroke engine featuring eight valves boosted by a turbocharging system producing 475 horsepower and a walloping 1,050 pound per foot of torque, making it ideal for industrial, heavy-duty work.

Unprecedented Diesel Engine Efficiency

Considering all of the power these incredible engines feature, they are truly environmental stewards. Their diesel particulate filters and selective catalytic reduction significantly reduce their particulate emissions, so these cars help Americans breathe easily.

Adair & Sons takes pride in Ford’s commitment to environmental care by servicing diesel engines with quality parts and skilled hands so that they continue to run without causing issues for our gorgeous Texas environment.


Specialization in PowerStroke Diesel Engine Repair

Adair & Sons Automotive offers PowerStroke engine services like precision diagnostics, turbocharger maintenance, and fuel injection system repairs. We perform all diesel repairs with the latest tools and technologies so that all our customers get the sort of vehicle repair a dealership would perform without the absurd prices or corporate lack of community.

We put special care into making sure to extend the lifespan of your Ford Powerstroke to honor the old American way of building things to last.

We use all the latest Manufacturer-grade equipment to offer a full range of vehicle care services, including

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As members of the Technet Professional Network, we offer the guarantee of a 24-month/24,000-mile repair warranty because we believe in the work we do. When you’re on the road, you’ll know a professional gave you the best ride your car can deliver.

Our Service Area

Although our home base is in Round Rock, TX, we’re proud to extend our services to Ford owners in the surrounding areas of:

No matter where you are in the vicinity, you can count on Adair & Sons for exceptional Ford service and repair.

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Adair & Sons Automotive PowerStroke Diesel Engine Repair

Our Round Rock auto shop conducts all of our diesel engine repairs with meticulous attention and skill. Here are some reasons to choose our vehicle repair shop:

Modern Diagnostics: The equipment we use for diagnostics outshines our competitors every time. We use only the latest, cutting-edge equipment to analyze your diesel vehicle. Coupled with the wise and experienced hands of our vetted technicians, you’ll get your car back in perfect condition.

ASE-Certified Technicians: Our team of mechanics is meticulously trained in knowing everything about both older and brand-new diesel engines so that we provide high-quality service and quick turnaround times.

We put our customers first, offering free shuttle rides and after-hours drop-offs to ensure that our community is taken care of on their terms. Our staff are local Texans who still maintain a firm belief in Southern hospitality!

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We proudly serve the Round Rock community and the surrounding areas of Cedar Park, Leander, Georgetown, Hutto, Pflugerville, Austin, and Liberty Hill. Ford’s diesel engines serve this community well, and we follow up by servicing and repairing PowerStrokes with care and skill.

Visit our shop at 1001 Sam Bass Rd, Round Rock, TX, or call us at (737) 252-8134. We treat every car and every customer with the Southern hospitality a good Texan should so that everyone walks out respected and taken care of.

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