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The Dodge Cummins Engine: An Adair & Sons Automotive Specialty

Dodge and Cummins began their collaborative engine innovations in 1989, set on trailblazing the future of powerful engines. This is the beginning of the formidable Ram trucks capable of towing immense weight while maintaining reliable longevity and an attractive, robust aesthetic.
This partnership revolutionized the diesel engine market and has set a standard worthy of its American roots.

Choosing our Auto Shop for Your Diesel Engine Repair

In our Round Rock auto shop, we do everything to ensure the legacy of reliability and power is carried on. When we service diesel engines in Dodge Rams, we employ all the technical knowledge and experienced wisdom needed to make these engines roar. Once your Dodge Ram sees our diesel repair shop, it’ll do all the work a Texan will ever need.

Cummins Engines: Technical Innovations

These turbocharged diesel engines stand out for their torque output coupled with respectable fuel efficiency. The latest model, the Cummins 6.7L engine, has become an icon of diesel power, paving the way for an almost cult following of drivers who have discovered this incredible engine’s capabilities.

Online Respect for Resale Value

The online respect garnered by the Ram Cummins engine has contributed to its incredible resale value. Reviews of these cast iron block and head diesel engines report them running for 300k miles without any problems which is truly incredible.

Ease of Repair

The inline-six diesel engine configuration allows for easier access to the engine for mechanics which as a diesel engine repair shop, we sincerely appreciate. The inline-six configuration employed also contributes to the Dodge Cummins engine longevity as it employs greater balance than other engine setups.

Turbocharged Diesel Engines

Turbocharging involves increasing the air-to-fuel ratio which is extremely useful when towing a heavy load, especially when navigating varying Texas terrain.

Emissions Innovations

One of the strongest breakthroughs Rams equipped with a Diesel Cummins engine employs is their fuel efficiency reducing their environmental impact on the air. Technology such as their selective catalytic reduction and exhaust gas reduction have both become the high water mark for diesel engines to strive for in terms of sustainability.

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As members of the Technet Professional Network, we offer the guarantee of a 24-month/24,000-mile repair warranty because we believe in the work we do. When you’re on the road, you’ll know a professional gave you the best ride your car can deliver.

Our Service Area

Although our home base is in Round Rock, TX, we’re proud to extend our services to Dodge owners in the surrounding areas of:

No matter where you are in the vicinity, you can count on Adair & Sons for exceptional Dodge service and repair.

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Customer care Dodge Ram’s Cummins Diesel Engines Drivers

At Adair & Sons, we know drivers of these Dodge vehicles expect their Diesel engine service to be impeccable so that it lasts for years to come. We use all the most advanced diagnostics systems to analyze these engines ensuring that nothing is missed.

Our ASE-certified technicians have been studying these titans of diesel innovations since they were released keeping up with all their monumental updates to ensure every ram that comes in receives the diesel engine repair Round Rock drivers deserve!

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American manufacturers have outdone themselves with the Dodge Cummins diesel engine. We strive to do right by all our customers and give the neighborly price they should expect from a fellow Texan.

We proudly serve the Round Rock community and the surrounding areas of Cedar Park, Leander, Georgetown, Hutto, Pflugerville, Austin, and Liberty Hill. Dodge Cummins Diesel engines are our specialty, so come down and find out what a perfect vehicle repair looks like!

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