Driving a high-powered, high-speed vehicle is one of the most outstanding examples of human ingenuity. Your visual and tactile stimulation that informs the driver how to use minute reflexes in perfect timing takes years of experience to master. The vehicle has to be tuned and aligned perfectly to translate those small physical responses into minor adjustments that make considerable changes in the direction and speed of your vehicle.

The amount of physics involved between you and your car as you drive around the block is impressive, but it can be devastating when you have a breakdown in the system. Here are a few ideas about how to deal with Acura loose front end steering.

Causes of Loose Steering

The ball joints and tie rods are located between the two front wheels of your Acura. They are both essential parts of the steering mechanism for your vehicle. Your ball joints are steel balls in a socket covered by rubber boots. Over time, the rubber can wear away or suffer damage, which may cause it to make snapping or popping noises when you turn your steering wheel, and it will affect your steering as well, making it feel looser.

Your tie rods connect the front wheel spindle to the steering gear mechanism. These are threaded into the steering rack, which allows your mechanic to align your wheels. When these begin to fail you may also notice clicking and popping noises as well as a loose feeling when you turn your steering wheel.

Another possible cause of loose steering is a damaged pitman arm. The particular part connects the steering gear to the steering linkage. Pitman arms are usually very durable; however, extreme driving situations, road hazards, and lack of proper maintenance can cause them to be damaged. If your pitman arm is going bad, your steering will get sloppier. Your Acura will tend to go where it wants to rather than where you want it to go.

There are a few other parts that might need to be checked out as well. The control arms keep your car’s chassis and wheels together as it moves, stabilizing your Acura. Your coil springs are essential to your car suspension system, allowing your steering to turn your front wheels correctly. Your drag link converts the turning motion of your steering wheel into the motion that turns your wheels. Finally, your strut rod bushings can cause problems in your steering. This component helps keep your vehicle stable, especially while you are braking. If these fail, you are in danger of causing your vehicle damage when you slow down or stop suddenly.

Safety Concerns

It is dangerous to drive with steering that is not working correctly. When the components of your steering mechanism do not respond correctly to your highly trained reflexes, you lose a degree of control over where your car goes and takes you. Statistics show that most accidents happen close to home, so it may only cause you to accidentally run into your mailbox, costing you significant money in repairs. However, with loose steering, you may be unable to compensate for another driver on the interstate, causing you to lose control at high speeds in high traffic, which could cost your life and the lives of others.

When it comes to your steering, how loose is too loose? It is never too soon to have your steering inspected by an auto mechanic. The best thing to do is to take it in or make an appointment with a Acura-certified auto mechanic as soon as you notice your steering feeling loose. Vehicle problems do not simply fix themselves over time. They only get worse and the solutions become more expensive.

What Are the Solutions?

If you get your Acura with loose steering early enough, the mechanic may be able to fix it with an adjustment. This may include realigning the wheels and adjusting some of the components of your steering mechanism. The low-end cost of this adjustment would be several hundred dollars and may take several hours to finish. While this is not cheap, it is worth it because the price rises significantly if parts need to be replaced.

If the steering box is damaged or any components need to be replaced, you can expect the price to go from several hundred dollars to several thousand dollars. While that is not a pleasant thought, it is nothing compared to the cost of your safety and life, which is at risk if you drive a vehicle with loose and faulty steering.

Steering Repairs at Adair and Sons

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