Driving your Toyota daily allows you to get a feel for its performance. Over time, as systems fail, you’ll become better at recognizing when something doesn’t feel right. For example, if you notice your Toyota feels unstable, it is likely related to the suspension system, such as worn or broken rear springs. Here are the signs of broken rear springs in your Toyota so you know when it’s time for repairs and service.

What are Rear Springs?

Your Toyota’s coil springs and shocks are part of your vehicle’s suspension system. They provide the support your vehicle needs to remain level. The coil springs help support your vehicle’s weight so it moves properly and responds to movement, such as turns, and obstacles in the road, such as potholes and gravel, without disturbing the smooth feel of your drive.

How Long Do Coil Springs Last?

Coil springs don’t come with an “expiry day.” However, they can break down with serious wear and tear related to exposure to dirt and water. As a result, if you drive on highways and paved roadways most of the time, your rear springs will last longer than if you drive off-road, or on dusty, muddy side roads.

What are Signs of Broken Rear Springs in a Toyota?

Signs your rear springs are broken include:

Your Toyota is “sagging”

If your rear springs are broken, your vehicle’s weight is not being carried evenly, which can lead to sagging or tilt between the front and rear. Although you might not notice it in the early days, after time, you might also feel like you’re sitting lower or your vehicle feels like it’s leaning when you drive.

Uneven tire wear

Damaged rear springs put extra pressure on your rear tires, which leads to faster wear. As a result, your rear tires will become stripped of the treads faster than the front tires. You might also experience uneven tire wear because different areas of your tires are hitting the road more frequently or at unusual/irregular angles.

Unusual sounds

Springs help keep your Toyota stable on the road, alleviating unnecessary pressure on various components while you drive. When a rear spring is broken, the weight and tension increase on certain parts of the vehicle, which can lead to grinding and squeaking noises.

Uncomfortable drive

With less stability and support, you will notice your Toyota feels less comfortable to drive. The weakening of your suspension system creates a bouncy, jerky drive as your shocks and other suspension parts don’t have as much support. Every imperfection in the road feels like a huge obstacle when your rear springs are broken. You’ll also feel more sway when turning, which can be unsettling. This is typical if the spring is only broken on one side.

The moment you notice any of these signs, Toyota Broken Rear Spring Fix it’s important to set up an appointment to have your rear springs assessed and understand what Toyota repairs or part replacements are required.

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