Fuel filters screen tiny particles in fuel and your fuel tank that can enter your engine and cause early wear and tear of your Subaru’s components. Debris, such as tiny rust particles, are very damaging to your engine, which is why it’s critical to replace your Subaru’s fuel tank screen filter before it clogs. Let’s look at the importance of following Subaru’s recommendations on fuel tank screen filter replacement to keep your engine operating at peak performance.

Why are Fuel Tank Screen Filters Replaced?

Fuel filters get clogged with impurities over time, including bits of rust and dirt. The filters’ job is to remove these impurities before they get pumped from your fuel tank into your engine. If the debris gets into your Subaru’s engine components, it will start to wear them down, leading to damage and possible engine failure.

Although fuel companies do help prevent dirt and rust buildup from getting into their fuel supplies, as your Subaru’s fuel tank ages, it will have a buildup of dirt and moisture that can lead to corrosion over time. Your screens also protect other critical components of your Subaru, including the fuel injectors and pump.

How Often Should Subaru Fuel Tanks Screen Filters Be Replaced?

Recommendations vary from every five years/50,000 miles for frequently driven vehicles to every 72 months/72,000 miles for less frequently driven vehicles. For example, if you just drive your Subaru around town for daily errands, the 72-month rule works, whereas if you commute to work every day or travel often for work, the 5-year rule is best.

Is There Ever a Reason to Replace Fuel Tank Screen Filters Sooner?

Yes. If your mechanic feels a clogged filter is interfering with your Subaru’s performance, they will recommend replacement. They might also find the fuel in your car is contaminated or use their expertise to judge whether something such as unreliable mileage is caused by a clogged filter.

How Does Fuel Tank Screen Filter Replacement Improve Performance?

A new fuel filter will help improve fuel pressure so that your engine operates more efficiently. When your filter is clear of debris, it also allows new fuels with cleaning additives to work properly. A clean filter will help these fuels prevent buildup as there is no risk of tiny particles clinging to the filter to slip into the fuel system’s components.

What are the Signs of a Clogged Fuel Tank Screen Filter?

The most common signs of a clogged fuel filter include:

  • Your Subaru doesn’t start like it used to or won’t start at all
  • You’re experiencing misfires, or your Subaru is idling roughly because the clog is not allowing fuel to reach the engine smoothly
  • Your Subaru is stalling after stopping
  • You’re experiencing fuel system component failure
  • There are loud noises coming from your vehicle, more specifically, your fuel pump

If you notice any of these issues or you’re Subaru Fuel Tank Screen Filter Check approaching the recommended replacement schedule, it’s time to book a Subaru repair and maintenance appointment with your local Subaru experts.

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